Capabilities / Measuring your Events

Event Measurement

Organisations of all types want value for their investment. It’s therefore not unreasonable that Executives require event planners to quantify the return they are getting against spend.

We should be able to measure the effectiveness of any event we undertake and this necessitates a consistent approach to event measurement and benchmarking.

Event objectives define the expected results of the event with hard data to support findings and KPI’s. It also allows for Event Portfolio Planning, which identifies the events that are performing best, from the range of projects undertaken.

The benefit of a clear, consistent and efficient method of measuring events is compelling.

Events that Matter is a member of the ROI Institute.

Return on investment

Our event measurement methodology defines objectives in five different levels, the fifth level being the acceptable return on investment (ROI) – the financial impact of the event:

  • Level 0 - Target audience
  • Level 1 - Reaction and perceived value
  • Level 2 - Learnings
  • Level 3 - Application and implementation
  • Level 4 - Impact and consequences
  • Level 5 - ROI


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