Creating and producing live events

Events that Matter

Directing and Producing Live Business Events.

etm specialise in taking ordinary events and turning them into extraordinary brand experiences. 
We plan, write, direct and produce conferences, exhibitions, meetings and live experiences that engage the audience with your message.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we’ll create an interactive and engaging experience that will fulfil your objectives.
We believe events are a live expression of your company, your brand, your values and your corporate personality. They are a significant part of your internal and external communications. They are important. They count for something. They matter!

And that's why you need a partner you can trust.

Experience Matters

We have oodles of event experience. Over 30 years of running events, in fact.

As live events go, there are not many situations we haven't come across before. Never complacent, we are always on the lookout for new techniques, creative ideas and fresh thinking.

We bring our experience, creativity and resources and add them to your team to create events that inspire, educate, motivate and influence participants to 'Do' something. 

Team Matters

We have an incredible talent pool that work across our four main solution areas - strategy, creative, production and management. These are passionate professionals who care about the events we undertake.

But it is more than just etm. We work closely with our clients, our partners, venues and suppliers to create one overall project team to deliver exceptional events.

We are fortunate to work with some amazing brands and the teams behind them. 

Location Matters

Our location in the beautiful Surrey countryside, south of London UK enables us to act as a gateway to Europe. Our working knowledge of running events in Europe is vast. We have amassed a network of trusted venues, suppliers and local ground agents that give our clients a competitive advantage. 

We have considerable experience taking events from the US and adapting them for a more European audience.  With an office on the New Jersey Shore, East Coast, USA, we’re ideally situated to support UK, EMEA and US programmes.

Reputation Matters

As a small specialist agency, we’re not the biggest but we pride ourselves on being one of the best business event agencies around. 

Reputations are hard fought in our sector and we are fiercely protective of ours, recognising that trust, loyalty, flexibility, honesty and a sense of fun are integral elements to each and every event experience we create.   

You can trust us to deliver. Read some of our clients’ comments below

"We would like to Thank You for a successful year and all your support to make it so great. Just to mention a few events that were outstanding because we had a great agency team supporting us: Gartner Summits, VM World & Vision"

Ilka Dzeik, Sr. Global Events Manager EMEA

"ETM helped us take the biggest trade show to the next level. Their commitment to detail, agency ethos and experience helped me deliver an outstanding event and I wouldn't hesitate to use the company in the future."

Carol Brennan, EMEA Channel Marketing Manager

"My amazing colleague & partners @ETM_events producing a solid event here in Amsterdam."

Wendy Laugesen, CMP Director, Marketing Programmes

"Another superb job done by ETM, from the selection of the venue to the summary of learnings from the event. Despite some very challenging circumstances there were contingency plans and no panic, just excellent organisation. I look forward to working with the whole team again."

Diane Oubridge, EMEA Channel Marketing Manager

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