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Event Strategy

Do you need to justify your event budget expenditure?
Are you seeking ways to improve the quality and value of your event?
Do you want to know the business impact for your event?
Is your event achieving its purpose?

etm has a specific event strategy and planning process that addresses all these questions, and more.

What are your event objectives?
What will success look like and how will you measure it? 
Who is the audience and how will you engage them with your message? 
What do you want your audience to learn?
What do you want your audience to do?
What will be the desired business impact and how will you follow through?

Planning Process

Our planning process begins with a workshop of Discovery and Strategy before the creative process starts. We explore where are we now and what is the context in which we are planning the event.

We Discover:

  • Event profile      
  • Audience profile
  • Brand relevance          
  • Situation analysis         
  • Previous activities & results
  • Desired outcomes
  • Financials

Following Discovery we concentrate our Strategy workshop on defining objectives for:

  • Audience type and numbers
  • Reaction & satisfaction of the activity 
  • What you want your attendees to Learn
  • What you want attendees to Do
  • The required Business Impact 
  • ROI of your event 

Based on the findings of the workshop and further discussion with your team, our next steps will be to recommend an event theme, experience design, type, format and style to fulfill the agreed objectives.


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