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Conference Exhibitions

Sponsorship sales and exhibition management are two crucial elements of most corporate conferences. They produce revenue and create awareness of products, solutions and partner relationships amongst conference attendees. etm has a specialist service which wraps it all up into a manageable workflow which is efficient and cost-effective. 

Selling your Sponsorship and Exhibition Pods

Sponsorship and exhibition sales are a fantastic way of generating greater revenue to support your conference. It is the perfect opportunity to reflect on successful partnerships with other companies.

We are experienced in the management of sponsorship sales. Our services span the entire process, including: 

  • Creation of your sponsorship prospectus
  • Sales of exhibition space
  • Identification of additional sponsorship opportunities
  • Management of payments 

Exhibition Management

Our exhibition management service can help streamline what can otherwise be a stressful task. No need to outsource the production of the booths. We have access to new booth kit so we are able to design, create and build interactive and engaging exhibition zones, specifically designed to meet the need of modern conference exhibitions, as well as manage logistics, power, AV and IT.

Using our online ERC (exhibitor resource centre), we can professionally organise the tasks and deliverables required to manage multiple exhibitors. Onsite, we are there to ensure the smooth running of the exhibition. 

Signage and Graphics

Service includes:

  • Initial planning
  • Design
  • Production and installation
  • Digital signage (great for advertising revenue generation)

Driving Quality Leads

Offer your exhibitors a cloud based app which enables them to track sales leads efficiently and securely. BYOD, a great solution to deploy without the need to rent costly handsets thereby maximising revenue generation. 


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