Holding a meeting is easy. Getting real return is difficult. Telling stories may be the answer!

Posted on Wed21Jun,2017 in Events

The key to successful meetings is to maximise delegate engagement so that they learn, remember and, wherever possible, change behaviour. Messages have to sink in and then stick when attendees return to the “real world”. Keeping audiences engaged is easy to do during networking and social events, but during business sessions, which often end up being a morasse of PowerPoint, it’s not so easy.
The problem is that the rise of new media and an increasingly cluttered multi-channel world has resulted in our attention spans getting shorter. This is making engaging with delegates increasingly difficult, while their demands become greater. So how can organisations make their meetings more compelling to prevent delegates spending time emailing and tweeting in their seats instead of paying attention to what’s going on in front of them? The answer lies in one of the oldest forms of communication known to man – storytelling...... Read the full article below


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