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Content is the Currency of Meetings

Holding a meeting is easy. Getting real return is difficult.

The key to successful meetings is to maximise delegate engagement so that they learn, remember and, wherever possible, change behaviour.

Keeping audiences engaged is easy to do during networking and social events, but during main business sessions, which often end up being a morass of PowerPoint, it’s not so easy.

So how can organisations  make their meetings more compelling, to prevent delegates spending time emailing and tweeting in their seats instead of paying attention to what’s going on in front of them? The answer lies in one of the oldest forms of communication known to man – storytelling. Read more below 

etm turns your content into an engaging story. 

Agenda Creation

Too often organisations fall into the trap of including too much content. But less is often more.

Into the content melting pot, we add the messages that your business wants to communicate, creative engaging ideas and add a sprinkling of ingredients to flavour things such as format, technology, speakers, demos, lighting, digital media etc.

This all goes to help shape an agenda that is right for the event but usually quite different to original thoughts and plans.

Writing Scripts

Taking the objectives defined in the Planning activity, script writers work with your Executives and content owners to tease out the core messages. Over time this is refined and turned into a story that your speakers are comfortable to tell.  

Presentation Design

Once the story is defined the challenge is to find creative ways of visualising this story, using a whole variety of techniques and theatre – after all people remember 80% of what they see and do, but only 20% of what they hear (source Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience).  

Speaker Coaching

As a professionally qualified speaker coach, Owen Hills (director and exec producer) works discretely with your Executives and Content owners on a one to one basis. Whilst this is a totally bespoke activity according to individual needs, there are typically a number of fundamental elements of presentation that will be covered such as:
vocal variety, projection, pace, pitch, power, eye contact, audience engagement, use of notes, technical support, stance, movement (or lack of), gestures, general body language and animation.

Production Ideas and Techniques

From integrating the latest technology ideas into full-on theatre productions, the use of a variety of production ideas and techniques can transform a presentation into a memorable experience. etm understand that not every executive is necessarily a charismatic public speaker but our role is to make every presentation as good as it can be. We’ve even blown to bits the CEO of BT live on stage – virtually of course!


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