Exhibiting at trade shows is a key sales and marketing activity and as a corporate event management agency, we can maximise the opportunities that exhibitions present by providing additional resources, focus and expertise. By having offices within close proximity to London and New York, we are able to manage your booths for exhibitions and trade shows which take place across Europe and America under one company.

Our service for exhibiting is outstanding and for it, we take a unique approach. In order to achieve success, we first create an exhibition strategy for each of the projects we undertake with the aim of driving greater value and improving event outcomes.

Since most clients use exhibitions as the perfect opportunity to promote the best of their products and services, we want to help drive awareness and maximum attendance to your booth. We use a variety of pre-event tactics by seeking to understand and define your target audience to be able to engage this audience through a range of marketing, social media and communication tactics. 

As expert exhibition and trade show organisers, Events That Matter can design and build striking exhibition booth designs which incorporate the use of new technology and gamification to improve the attendee experience, resulting in higher lead generation at the stand. This fresh and creative approach to event marketing breathes new life into existing exhibition activities.

To complete our service, we are able to provide you with hard data on the results of your exhibition as part of your measurement which will quantify your returns and justify your exhibition activity.  

Exhibition services include:


Exhibition planning



  • Pre-event marketing planning
  • Social media campaigns
  • Exhibition stand design
  • Audience engagement plan



Exhibition management and logistics

  • ERC (exhibition resource centre) tasks
  • Project management
  • Meetings
  • Lead Management
  • Accommodation
  • Evening activities
  • Transport and transfers
  • Health and safety


Event measurement

  • Surveying
  • ROI measurement
  • Results and reporting