Capabilities / Creative Ideas & Experience Design

Theme and Style Guide

This activity begins by establishing an event theme and style guide that develops the Look & Feel.

Considerations include: Naming, Theme, Colours, Imagery, Fonts, Messaging.

The conference theme and creative treatment run as a thread throughout the conference to ensure the key messages are reinforced at each major touchpoint of the delegate journey.

The Experience Design translates the theme and agreed style guidelines into the physical experience that appeal as far as possible to the delegates five senses. Aligned to this, our Experience Design considers the 5 e’s:


Creating exciting communications that produce desire to attend.


“More felt than telt”. An old Scottish saying that describes this perfectly. Attendees sum up the experience within seconds of entering an event. The design can have a major influence on the mood of the meeting.


How we will engage delegates throughout the event to improve the learning environment.


Often overlooked, but a key time to re-enforce our key messaging in the short-term memory.


To achieve real impact, events should be connected engagements not isolated activities.  


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