The Fast Track Conference |

The task

Post Parcels are Ireland’s largest delivery company. They wanted to invite delegates to a conference that would leave them with a better understanding around the benefits of buying into an ‘all Ireland’ solution.

Our solution

etm created and produced the one-day conference from scratch, starting with a workshop of discovery and strategy with the client where we discover key factors like what the purpose of the event is and what they want to achieve. The first big task was to manage the recruitment, we did this by constructing a communications journey, this involved the creation and send of several HTML emails, we designed and produced a direct mail VR piece which was sent to all prospective delegates, allowing them to experience a taster of the event. The final stage of the journey was a series of phone calls, rounding up the comms plan perfectly.

Our effective project management skills were vital in planning and coordinating the vast array of tasks and requirements needed for the conference, overseeing financial budgets and working to tight deadlines. We sourced and managed the venue, accommodation, transport, food and beverages, equipment hire, on site staff, registration and badging systems as well as creating all the content for the day including the agenda. We wrote scripts for all the speakers that we sourced, helping them with their presentation design and giving production ideas and techniques. Using our 5 e’s activity we constructed the theme, style and experience design for the conference including initial planning, design, production and installation of all the physical and digital signage and graphics. We also managed all the technical production, set and stage design and build, lighting, sound, IT, networks, photography and we even created a video of the day too!