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Technology to Improve Event Performance

Technology is playing an increasingly important role at events. It entertains, educates and engages delegates in a fun and interactive way. Using technology can bring a fresh look to an event, replacing traditional activities and better reflecting your brand.

For event planners, technology plays a vital role in increasing efficiency, thereby reducing the administration burden and lowering costs.

etm are experts in advising clients how to use Technology to improve their event performance. We have a collection of “engagement” and “efficiency” tools and apps that can be utilised at your events. 

You can use our technologies at your event as a single service, or as part of a complete end-to-end package. Options include:

  • Event App
  • Tweet Wall
  • Event Leads
  • Interactive Screens
  • Registration & Badging
  • Engagement Games
  • Engagement Activities
  • Project Management Tool
  • Digital Signage
  • Meeting Matching
  • Live Polling
  • Exhibitor Resource Centre
  • AR/VR


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